Queer Tango on the Thames WINTER SPECIAL!

Clore Ballroom in the Royal Festival Hall!

Let Queer Tango London and Tango on the Thames help you BANISH your Christmas blues with their FREE, full-on, Queer Tango on the Thames Winter Special!




LIVE MUSIC from the ever-vibrant Tango Terra Quartet!

PERFORMANCES from experts Dante Culcuy & Paula Duarte and David Chartorski & Laísa Souza!

DJ MIXES from Queer Tango London’s own talented DJ, Mr Tom Cottle!


…and all kicking off at 2.00 pm with one of Queer Tango London’s popular GENDER-BLIND ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS’ CLASSES:


  • no experience needed
  • no partner needed
  • and no special shoes – ordinary, leather-soled street shoes are fine (but rubber-soled aren’t!)


Then we can all dance the day away together on that fabulous floor until 7.00 pm!


You hadn’t anything else planned, had you..?



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