Dante Culcuy and Verónica Vásquez join us SUNDAY 24th MARCH to run a Special 1hr 30 min Workshop on Vals – and to perform for us, too!


£20 Workshop + Milonga

£12 Milonga only


…including complimentary cheese and biscuits, plus our DJ is that class act, Diego Doigneau!


Secure your place by registering HERE! 



£20 1hr 30 min Workshop + Milonga

£12 Milonga only

(…collected at the door).


The Shepherd Hall

St Thomas’s Hospital

Westminster Bridge Rd





How to get there?

Whack the address into Google Maps, or…


Either WESTMINSTER, cross Westminster Bridge, St Thomas’s on the right-hand side

…OR WATERLOO, Walk south-west on York Rd towards Chicheley St, Turn left onto Forum Magnum Square, Turn right onto York Rd, Turn left onto Westminster Bridge Rd/A302




There is pay car park at St Thomas’s Hospital, which you approach from the south.



Here they are at the Oxford Tango Festival…





Dante Culcuy


Dante is a young Argentinean professional Tango dancer, teacher and choreographer. He has been dancing for 15 years and performed in prestigious milongas in Buenos Aires and International Tango Festivals such as: Mallorca Tango Festival, Porto International Tango Festival, Oxford Tango Festival, Karlsruhe Tango Festival and Nairobi Tango Festival among others. He has travelled to more than 20 countries in Europa, South & North America, Asia and Africa. In 2015 he has been a cultural UK ambassador presenting Argentine Tango at the International Book Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico with Aurora Orchestra and Miriam Orcutt as his partner. At the moment he is the director of the Northern Tango Academy and the Oxford Tango Academy in England, making it one of the biggest Tango Schools in Europe and bringing professional Tango couples from Argentina to work with him every year. He has also performed alongside with the well-known Aurora Symphony Orchestra, Daniel Melingo, Tango Sonos, Tango Siempre and Carismatico Orchestra. He is described by his students as a very charismatic dancer with a personalized methodology of teaching that he has develop in all his Tango career.



Verónica Vázquez


Verónica was born in Buenos Aires, and her interest for tango awoke at the early age of 12, when she began attending to milongas with the company of her aunt. And it was with her aunt as well, that she went several times to the Alvear Theatre, where she watched Miguel Angel Zotto´s show, “Una noche de Tango¨. That experience moved her in such a way, that the day she began the secondary school, she suscribe for the Tango Workshops taught by Alba Ferreti and Mauricio Seifert. From that moment her life became inextricably bound up with tango and the milonga. She keeps treasured moments of this time: Performing with school partners at Akarense milonga, teaching for the Fragata Libertad´s crew, or even the milongas Almagro, Niño Bien and Sunderland, packed with great dancers, living legends of this dance, each one of them with their own style and way of expressing their feeling towards this dance. In 1999, she continued her training as a dancer attending to classes and workshops with different masters such as Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel (Dinzel Studio), Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, Nito and Elba (Club Gricel), Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau, Gavito and Maria Plazzaola (La Galeria del Tango). The following years, she included in her career knowledge on ballet and jazz dance, eutonia and stretching by biomechanics. She even took lessons in other dance forms, such as Folklore, Ritmos Latinos and Rock & Roll. After many years regularly going to milongas, in 2009, she began her professional career with well-known masters as her mentors: Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez, Silvio La Via, Gabriel Angio and Natalia Games. Many other dancers and teachers contributed to her technique and understanding of tango as a language and helped to build her teaching methodology. In 2011, she began dancing with Alejandro Beron, with whom she made several performances in many milongas in Buenos Aries, such as Club Sunderland, Salon Canning, Club Villa Malcolm, Club Fulgor de Villa Crespo, Centro Region Leonesa, Centro Cultural Torcuato Tasso. They taught lessons in Tango, Vals and Milonga in schools like Estudio Mario Morales, Escuela Argentina de Tango, Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires, Abrazando Tango, Salon Canning. Together they performed at the Farewell Homage to Mariano Mores, held in Monte Grande (Buenos Aires. Province) Their work continued abroad, teaching lessons, workshops, seminars and performing in many milongas and European festivals in Spain, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, Ireland, Hungary, UK. Among them: First Moscow Tango Festival (Russia). March 2014 Tango Festival Biezenmortel (Netherlands). April 2014 Benidorm Tango Festival (Spain). April 2015 2nd Patras Ionian Tango Festival (Greece). May 2015 3rd Sofia Tango Festival (Bulgaria). May 2015 In 2012 and 2013 were finalists in Tango, Milonga and Vals in the Campeonato Metropolitano de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, and achieving the 2nd place in Milonga, and the 3rd place in Vals. In 2013, 2014 and 2015, they were finalists in the Mundial de Tango, Categoria Salon.



Diego Doigneau


Argentinian “DJ de Tango”, Diego is well known here in London, not least as the brains behind 3D Tango but he is a familiar sight – and sound – around the world. As ever, he will bring us his intelligent, imaginative, responsive, but above all danceable choices of music during a milonga. Diego is connoisseur of tango music and uses his exquisite taste to bring joy to the dance floor. We are fortunate to have him play for us!



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