It is Tango on the Thames immense PRIVILEGE to host these sensational dancers, performers, and teachers on Sunday 12th May.


Not only are they offering us a Special 90-minute Workshop, “Technique, Sensation and Perception in Giro with Sacada”, they will be performing for us as well.


Hesitating? Just click on this link to see what style and subtlety they bring to the dance. Featured at this year’s Oxford Festival, they have an eye-watering list of honours and international tours which fortunately, for now, includes us in London.


Hernán will be DJ-ing for a great afternoon of Tango on the Thames!

£20 Special Workshop + Milonga

£12 Milonga only

(…collected at the door).


Register HERE!


The Shepherd Hall

St Thomas’s Hospital

Westminster Bridge Rd





How to get there?

Whack the address into Google Maps, or…


Either WESTMINSTER, cross Westminster Bridge, St Thomas’s on the right-hand side

…OR WATERLOO, Walk south-west on York Rd towards Chicheley St, Turn left onto Forum Magnum Square, Turn right onto York Rd, Turn left onto Westminster Bridge Rd/A302




There is a pay car park at St Thomas’s Hospital, which you approach from the south.


Barbara Ferreyra y Exequiel Relmuan


Dancers with diverse experience and extensive knowledge in different areas of Tango,  such as Tango Salon, Milonga, Vals and Tango Stage, as well as other sections of dance and art. Extensive experience in groups and privates lessons, workshops and shows for all types of public, as well as teaching lessons and seminars carefully prepared for students of different levels.




Facebook Page:


Web Site:


Phone: +54 9 11 5003 7320



Barbara Ferreyra y Exequiel Relmuan- “Yunta de Oro” Orq. Color Tango


Barbara Ferreyra y Exequiel Relmuan – Tango “Despues” En VIVO c/ Orq. del Chino Laborde


Barbara Ferreyra y Exequiel Relmuan – TANGO ARGENTINO DE SALÓN Y ESCENARIO



  • 2015: FINALIST category Tango PISTA and Tango STAGE in TANGO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2015. (Buenos Aires-Argentina)


  • 2015: 5° Position in TANGO VARIACION WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 (“Pelando Variaciones” Buenos Aires-Argentina)


  • 2016: 7° Position Tango PISTA category and Semi-finalist Tango Stage Category in TANGO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. (Buenos Aires- Argentina)


  • 2017: 5° Position Tango PISTA category and Semi-finalist Tango Stage Category in the TANGO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. (Buenos Aires-Argentina)


  • 2018: 2° Position TANGO PISTA ADULTO category in the TANGO BUENOS AIRES METROPOLITAN CHAMPIONSHIP. (Buenos Aires-Argentina)


  • 2018: FINALIST category Tango PISTA and Tango STAGE in TANGO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2018. (Buenos Aires-Argentina)







  • 2016: Tour for SUD AMERICA (Countries: BOLIVIA and PERÚ)


Works: -“TANGO CON ALTURA Tango Festival” (La Paz-Bolivia) Shows in the Theatre.


-“PIANTAO Tango School” (La Paz-Bolivia) Seminars, private lessons, Gala exhibition in Club Circulo de la Union Milonga.


-“D´OTRA ESQUINA Tango School” and “LA CASA DEL TANGO School”   (Lima-Perú) Seminars, private lessons, exhibitions in different Milongas and privates Shows.


  • 2017 January: Tour for CHILE and PATAGONIA ARGENTINA.


Works: – “Magaldi Tango School “(Santiago de Chile city- Chile) Seminars, private lessons and exhibition in Bomboncito Milonga.


-“TANGO OBSESION School” (Puerto Montt City-Chile) Seminars, private lessons, Gala exhibition in 5° ANIVERSARY´s Milonga Tango Obsesion.


-“Zapatos Rojos Tango School” (Concepcion city-Chile) Seminars and Exhibition.


  • 2017 October, November and December inclusive: Tour for SUD AMERICA (Countries: CHILE, BOLIVIA and PERÚ)


Works: – EMISUR TANGO FESTIVALS (Frutillar-Puerto Montt-Chile) Seminars, private lessons, exhibitions and Public Show.

-“TRAMATANGO Tango School” (Puerto Montt-Chile) Tango Stage Seminars Intensive.

-“LA QUE FALTABA” Tango School and Milonga (Concepcion –Chile)                                                                           Seminars, private lessons and exhibitions.

-“PIANTAO Tango School” (La Paz-Bolivia) Seminars, private lessons, exhibition in Magic Milonga.

-“D´OTRA ESQUINA Tango School” (Lima-Perú) Seminars, private lessons, exhibition in Magic Milonga.



  • 2018 January, February, March and April: Tour for Europe

(Countries: ENGLAND, ITALY and TURKEY)


Hernán Brusa


Hernán Brusa was born in Buenos Aires, the heart of Tango. He discovered this wonderful rhythm thanks to his grandfather, who had been a ‘milonguero’ during the golden age and always listened to Carlos Di Sarli and Aníbal Troiloin his house. When he lost his dear grandfather in 1996, Hernán’s curiosity took him to a tango lesson with his sister-  they started a weekly course with a disciple of the famous tango couple ‘los Dinzel’. But he only discovered his passion when he first set foot in a milonga in 1997. Since then, his feet have not left the dance floor anymore.


He studied with many famous tango masters-  with Alejandra Mantiñán, and Gabriel Angió & Natalia Games being the ones who shaped his style. He has been teaching since 2002 in various cities in Argentina, America, Europe and Asia. From 2003 to 2008, he dedicated himself to stage tango, performing every evening in the shows of Buenos Aires.


In 2009, he lived in Tokyo to work in a Tango school there. In 2010 he decided to take a break from tango as a career. Returning from Japan, he felt that something in his tango was not the way he wanted it and that his dance had not matured enough. He took on a “normal” job, continued to take private classes with his masters just for pleasure, and danced in the milongas almost every night until dawn for 4 years. Until he found his style. In September 2014 he went to live in Europe, where he returned to tango as a profession, dedicating himself mainly to teaching Tango Salón. He has brought Argentine tango to Italy, the UK, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Israel, Turkey, Portugal and Switzerland, transmitting the style of the Buenos Aires milongas and the passion that has been in his blood for 2 generations.


Tango for Hernan is not just a profession, it is a way of living, a way of expressing himself by embracing someone and breathing together, of getting lost on the dance floor to the rhythm of an orchestra whilst time stops. In tango he has discovered a fabulous way to be happy.





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